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Tiny Tanks

Category: Shooting
Tags: Shooting | Webgl | Arena | Tank | Html5 |

The Tiny Tanks game is an online 2D shooter game made for kids and adults alike. Players control their colorful tiny tanks to fight with other players to get coins and unlock new tanks. It is a fast-paced and fast-thinking tank game full of action and fun.


  • Various levels with colorful backgrounds
  • Different tanks with different capabilities
  • Different weapons to choose from and fight each other with
  • Cooperative and competitive modes
  • Tutorial to help players learn the basics of the game
  • Online and offline play

Game Controls

  • Left and Right arrow keys to turn the tank
  • Space bar to fire weapons
  • Shift key to activate the speed boost

How to Play

Level Select

When starting the game, players will have the option to select their level of difficulty. Depending on chosen difficulty, the game board will be filled with different kinds of tanks and obstacles. Players can also choose to play a tutorial before they start playing the main game.

Game Start

Once the level has been selected, the game starts with a display of the player’s tanks. Each player can control up to two tanks of different capabilities, with upgrades unlocking as the game progresses. There are also a variety of weapons to choose from. These weapons can be used to shoot, kill and push obstacles into other players.



The main objective of the game is to be the last remaining player on the game board. Tiny Tanks offers a competition and challenge between opponents, requiring players to use the little tanks to their advantage. The game levels can either be turned against each other or in a free-for-all mode, depending on the settings.


Although Tiny Tanks is mainly a competitive game, it also offers cooperative game mode. Players are able to work together as a team to battle against a common enemy. This mode allows players to strategically use the tanks to outsmart their enemies, while making sure no one is left behind.


  • Web: Playable on any device with an internet connection
  • Android: Downloadable through the Google Play Store
  • iOS: Downloadable through the Apple App Store


Tiny Tanks was developed and published by the video game company GamePhase.

Release Date

Tiny Tanks was originally released in March 2019.

Similar games

Fans of Tiny Tanks might also enjoy playing Karting Karting, Tank Battle, and Tank Wars. All three of these games focus on combat with tanks, and offer an exciting and strategic experience.


Who can play Tiny Tanks?

Tiny Tanks can be played by anyone aged 6 and above, though the game is suitable for all ages.

What are the system requirements for playing Tiny Tanks?

The system requirements for playing Tiny Tanks depend on the platform you’re playing on. For web, you’ll need an internet connection and a modern browser. For Android and iOS, you’ll need a modern device with the corresponding app store.

Is Tiny Tanks free to play?

Yes, the game is completely free to play, though there are some in-game purchases available.

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