Masked Forces Unlimited

Category: Action

Game Controls

*wasd* *mouse* *1**4* = guns *space* = jump *r* = reload *c* = crouch *f* = pick up item *tab* = game menu *t* = chat *enter* = confirm chat
A favourite shooter is back. This is a modification of the game Masked Forces, there is a new map and totally new type of gameplay. The game is no more as slow as any many other typical shooter. Now everything will be much more dynamic and faster. Masked Forces Unlimited delivers a game system similar to Quake. You can also find this version of the game as Masked Forces: Crazy Mode. If you already love the previous version, you will love this even more and if you have not gotten into the Masked Forces family yet, then it's time to join because there's an endless amount of fun waiting for you. Enjoy the game and have fun.

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