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Adam and Eve is a fun and engaging web game for kids, teens and adults alike. As its name suggests, the story behind the game is based on the biblical tale of Adam and Eve. Players get to play as either of the two characters and must work together to s


  • Beautifully rendered open world
  • Bright and colorful visuals
  • Smooth animation and effects
  • Fun and engaging puzzles
  • Adventure-style combat
  • Intuitive controls
  • Play as either

Game Controls

  • Arrow keys - to move Adam or Eve
  • Space bar - to pick up or drop items
  • Mouse - to select objects

How to Play

Starting the Game

Visit the online game site hosting this game. Click the "play" button to launch the game. Choose a character, Adam or Eve to play as. The game will start once a character is selected.

Levels and Objectives

Adam a


Exploring the World

Adam and Eve is an open world game. You'll need to explore and interact with objects in the world in order to progress in the game. You'll also need to use your problem solving skills to solve puzzles and come up with strat


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Adam and Eve is developed by Crazy Labs, a subsidiary of Analytical Minds Studios. Crazy Labs is known for creating engaging, immersive gaming experiences with unique stories, fun characters, and challenging puzzles.

Release Date

Adam and Eve was released online in April 2021.

Similar games

Adam and Eve is a great game for anyone looking for a fun and engaging game. Other games that are similar in premise include Stone Age Rescue, The Cave Mystery, and Fruitventure.


What type of game is Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve is an adventure-style puzzle game for web, Android and iOS. You play as either Adam or Eve and need to work together to solve puzzles and complete levels in order to progress.

Are there an

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