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Brain Tricky Puzzles is an online game that will train your brain and test your problem-solving skills. Jet through the brain teaser shaped galaxy, solve the puzzles, and complete the levels! You can play on any web browser device, or download it from


  • Over 200 brain puzzling levels
  • Different difficulty levels (easy, medium, and hard)
  • Various puzzles and tasks
  • Earn points for solving puzzles
  • Special achievements and rewards
  • Bonus levels w

    Game Controls

    • Arrow keys for movements
    • Space to select/enter
    • Esc to pause/exit

How to Play

Selecting the Levels

To play Brain Tricky Puzzles you will first have to enter the game. On the main page there are several levels. Select the one you want to play and hit the enter key on your keyboard. Each level has various puzzles and tasks


Earning Points

You will earn points for solving each puzzle. Your success rate is measured on how quickly you can solve the puzzles. The faster you solve the puzzles, the more points you will earn. You can use these points to upgrade your level


Brain Tricky Puzzles can be played on web browsers or downloaded as an app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Brain Tricky Puzzles was developed by Top Fun Games. Top Fun Games is a software development company that specializes in developing engaging and unique games.

Release Date

Brain Tricky Puzzles was released on April 16th 2021.

Similar games

Brain Tricky Puzzles is similar to other popular games such as Brain Out, Brainy Cube, Brain Treat, Brain Teasers, and Brain Crush.


How do I make progress in the game?

You can make progress in the game by completing the puzzles in each level and earning the points. Once you have earned the points, you will be able to upgrade your level or purchase items from the shop.

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