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Cat Around the World: Japanese Valley is an adorable puzzle game with 3D elements. It is loved by children and adults alike due to its engaging levels, fun graphics, and fantastic features. When playing, you join other players in helping guide the brav


  • Challenging and engaging puzzles for hours of fun gameplay.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics of the Japanese Valley.
  • Power-Up items which help you on your quest.
  • Score and bonuses that can enhance your experience.
  • Different wo

    Game Controls

    • Left/Right Arrow keys to move the Cat around and control the direction.
    • Up Arrow Key to jump/fly and Hopper locks.
    • Space bar to launch an object.
    • Keyboard 'R' to restart the level.
    • Mouse to click and drag objects.

      How to Play

      Begin the Adventure

      Cat Around the World: Japanese Valley starts off with a brief introductory animation, introducing you to the main character and the premise of the game. After that is done, you join Hiroko in the journey across the beautiful


      Unlock New Worlds and Levels

      As you progress in the game, you will unlock new worlds, each with multiple levels for you to solve. As the levels become more complex and interesting, you will be able to make use of Hiroko's new skills and abiliti


      • Playable on the web platform through any modern browser.
      • Available for Android devices in the Google Play Store.
      • Available for iOS devices in the Apple App Store.


      Cat Around the World: Japanese Valley is developed by the Omiyagames Studio. Founded more than 10 years ago, Omiyagames has been creating original and fun content for PC and mobile platforms, from puzzle games to RPG and strategy titles.

      Release Date

      Cat Around the World: Japanese Valley was released to the public on May 5th, 2020.

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      What type of game is Cat Around the World: Japanese Valley?

      Cat Around the World: Japanese Valley is a puzzle game with 3D elements, where you help Hiroko the cat explore the Japanese Valley in search for delicious treats!

      Do I need thir

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