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My Dolphin Show 8

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My Dolphin Show 8 is an exciting and interactive educational game for children of all ages. It is a delightful adventure that children can embark on to learn about dolphins, enjoy the ocean life, and participate in the world of gaming. In this game, you take the role of a trainer, do stunts and tricks to impress the audience. All kinds of tricks are available from simple jumps to complex tricks like barrel loops. You also have to train and take proper care of a dolphin, restore its health and ensure it remains happy during its stay in the dolphinarium.


  • Variety of levels
  • Multiple dolphins to choose from
  • Different tricks and stunts to learn
  • Interactive environment
  • Multiple upgrades available
  • Exciting rewards with increasing difficulty level

Game Controls

  • Movement - Keyboard or mouse
  • Jump - Space or click the mouse
  • Trick - Click and hold mouse

How to Play

Choose a Level

When you open the game, you can start the game by selecting the level you want to play. There are five difficulty levels of easy, medium, hard, extreme and nightmare. The higher the difficulty, the more complex the stunts and higher the rewards.

Care for your Dolphin

Once you have chosen the level, you will be taken to the dolphinarium, where your role is that of a trainer in charge of taking care of the dolphins. You will feed the dolphins, help them practice stunts and teach them tricks by using controls. With regular practice and learning new tricks, they can be awarded points and trophies. Taking proper care of the dolphin is the key to success.

Perform Stunts to Impress the Audience

In order to gain higher rewards, the dolphins must perform well in the show. You can perform stunts and tricks as the audience showers you with love and admiration. Tricks like spins, bowl flips, tail splashes, and a wide range of other tricks. The more stunts and tricks you can successfully perform, the higher you are rewarded.

Restore Dolphin Health and Happiness

Your main objective in the game is to make sure that the health of the dolphin is in good condition and maintain its happiness. You can accomplish this by feeding the dolphin and providing him with relaxing activities like playing music and patting it. Proper care and training can help the dolphin stay healthy and happy in order to perform well in the show.


Objective of the Game

The objective of the game is to make sure your dolphin is healthy and happy, so it can perform tricks and stunts to impress the audience, and you can earn rewards such as points and trophies. To do this, you must take care of the dolphins and train it so it can learn the tricks and stunts. As you progress, you can unlock new levels and engage in more complex and challenging activities.

Collect Rewards

As you progress in the game, you will be collecting rewards in the form of points and trophies. The more tricks you successfully perform, the higher the rewards you will receive. You also receive points for taking proper care of the dolphin and its health and happiness. By completing different tasks, you can gain access to a new level or unlock more challenging tasks.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


My Dolphin Show 8 is created by Spil Games, a mobile game developer specializing in creating interesting games for children. It is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and also develops games for other companies like Disney, Facebook, and Zynga.

Release Date

My Dolphin Show 8 was released in May 2021 for Web, Android and iOS.

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What kind of rewards can I earn?

You can earn rewards in the form of points and trophies. The more tricks you successfully perform, the higher the rewards you will receive.

Is there a way to upgrade the dolphins?

Yes, you can upgrade the dolphins' abilities such as strength, speed and agility by using rewards.

Which platforms can the game be played on?

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS
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