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Food Empire Inc

Category: Clicker
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Food Empire Inc is a food-based web game that immerses the player in a fast-paced world of food business management. From a small town diner to a global enterprise, players are the heads of the business, having to manage every step of the process in order to reach the ultimate goal – food business success. Players buy, cook, sell, and upgrade their restaurants, as well as hire qualified staff to help run the business. With its stunning 3D graphics, endearing characters and immersive gameplay, Food Empire Inc is sure to capture the hearts of anyone looking to test their business acumen.


  • Real-time business management and upgrades.
  • Varied menu options with the ability to create your own dishes.
  • 3D graphics, including realistic animations of customers.
  • Hire qualified staff to help manage the restaurant.
  • Unlockable achievements, rewards, and upgrades.

Game Controls

Food Empire Inc is designed to be user friendly and is controlled primarily through the mouse. In the early stages of the game, players will be prompted with hints to help guide them on the right path. Players must use the mouse to select items and use keyboard shortcuts to accelerate progress or access menu options.

How to Play

Step 1 - Begin Your Business

Players will start out as the owner of a small restaurant, located in a small town square. The goal is to grow the business from a small diner to a global food empire. The game starts with players selecting the restaurant name and staff members to help manage the day-to-day operations. To select staff members, players must click on their desired name and click the “Hire” button.

Step 2 - Buy Ingredients

Players then need to purchase ingredients for the restaurant. This can be done by navigating to the store page, where players can purchase goods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, and dairy products. By selecting the goods available, players can add them to their order cart and make the purchase.

Step 3 - Prepare Food

Once all the ingredients are chosen, players are ready to prepare the food. This is done by selecting the ingredients they have purchased and following the on-screen instructions. As the ingredients are being prepared, players can assign one of their staff members to complete the task. Staff members can be hired to take care of this task as well.

Step 4 - Sell Food

This is where the money is made. As customers visit the restaurant, players can use the mouse to click and drag the items to their table, allowing customers to select their desired meal. Players can then select the “Serve” button to complete the meal. Players will then be able to see their profits, as well as keeping an eye on the overall financial status of the restaurant.

Step 5 - Upgrade and Expand

As players and their restaurant become more successful, they can expand and upgrade. This can be done by investing in kitchen and restaurant upgrades, such as new equipment and staff members to keep up with the demand. Players can also hire qualified chefs to create new dishes for their customers. The main goal is to grow the business as much as possible and become the biggest food business in the world.


  • Web version which can be played on all major browsers.
  • iOS versions, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Android version, compatible with Android devices.


Food Empire Inc was developed by Zabius Games, a small game development studio in San Francisco, California. The studio is focused on creating innovative and fun games for web, mobile, and console.

Release Date

Food Empire Inc was released on April 1, 2021 and is available for play on its official website.

Similar games

Food Empire Inc is similar to other food-based strategy games like Restaurant Empire and Food Street, both of which feature similar objectives and gameplay mechanics to Zabius Games’ creation.


How many staff members can I hire?

You are able to hire up to 8 staff members at any given time.

Are there limits to the number of restaurants I can own?

No, there are no limits to the number of restaurants you can own.

What is the maximum level I can reach?

The maximum level is 10.

Do I need to purchase additional items in order to play the game?

No, all the necessary items for play can be purchased in-game.

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