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OddBods: Sticky Tacky is an arcade style game appearing in screens of web, mobile and IOS devices. With 6 chaotic and exciting levels, the cute Oddbods are hilariously tangled up in a sticky situation. Calling all superheroes! It’s up to you to help th


  • Cute and friendly Oddbods
  • 6 chaotically exciting levels
  • 36 action-packed missions
  • Dodge obstacles, blast away monsters and unleash a strange power
  • Defeat monsters and obtain power-ups and X

    Game Controls

    • Mouse / Touch input
    • Left/Right arrows for movement
    • S for jump / double jump
    • Space key for shoot power ups
    • P for pause game

How to Play

Select a Level

To play, you need to select one of the 6 levels. Each level has various obstacles and monsters. You can try any of the levels, but you must win it in order to get to the next level. The game also keeps a track of your win-loss r


Navigating and Moving Around

Using the keyboard/mouse or your touchscreen device you can move the character left, right, or jump to grab power ups, dodge obstacles, and complete various actions such as grabbing hold of an Oddbod and then swingi


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


OddBods: Sticky Tacky is developed by OddBods Animation, who has been creating video games for over a decade.

Release Date

The game is released in 2020.

Similar games

OddBods: Sticky Tacky is similar to other arcade style browser games like Cookie Crush and Bubble Shooter, but with a twist - the Oddbods heroes.


Q. What makes this game different from other arcade games?

Unlike other arcade games, Oddbods: Sticky Tacky has adorable cartoon characters, the Oddbods, entangled in sticky webs, with you as the superhero that helps to save them by using speci

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