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Zombie Mission 4

Category: Shooting
Tags: Zombie | Gun | Action | Platform | Zombies |

Zombie Mission 4 is a scintillating web game developed by Pixel Federation. It's a shooter game where players take up the challenge to save the city from zombies. Players can immerse themselves in the game's stunning animation, superior sound effects and unique zombie-battling quests.


  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Exciting and unique missions
  • Variety of weapons to choose from
  • Powerful armours and items
  • Huge range of power-ups
  • Co-operative multiplayer
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Hard bosses and epic rewards
  • Challenging achievements
  • Unlockable abilities

Game Controls

  • Use the A, S, W, and D keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar to jump.
  • Press the left mouse button to fire.

How to Play

Create your Avatar

When you’re just starting out in Zombie Mission 4, the first step is to create your avatar. You can customize your character by adjusting gender, skin colour, hair and clothing. Then the game will give you a code to identify your character - use this code to make sure that you don’t lose your progress if a friend borrows your computer.

Select a Mission

Once your character is created, it’s time to choose a mission. You can take on missions on your own, or team up with friends for a zombie-busting adventure. There are four missions in total, each offering its own unique challenges. Go online and select one of the missions to get started. Some missions will require a certain level of skill, so make sure to select the one that matches your abilities.

Defeat the Zombies

Now it’s time to get into the heart of the game. To win a mission, you have to fight through hordes of zombies and complete objectives along the way. Make sure to pick up weapons, armour and items to help you survive - and watch out for giant zombie bosses!


Advanced Weapons and Armours

Players can access a wide array of weapons and armour to help them out in the fight against zombies. From machine guns to bazookas, there’s a weapon to suit every style of play. Armour types range from heavy-duty body armour to mystical plates which protect the player from magical attacks.

Collecting Coins

In Zombie Mission 4, coins are rewarded to players as they eliminate zombies. These coins can then be used to purchase better weapons, health packs, and special items to help you on your mission. Coins can also be used to purchase special items in the game's store.


Collect power-ups to become temporarily invincible and destroy entire hordes of zombies. Or activate an area-of-effect attack and watch as zombies around you are wiped out in one fell swoop. Power-ups are a great way to quickly turn the tide of battle and come out a winner.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Zombie Mission 4 is developed by Pixel Federation, an independent game studio based in Slovakia.

Release Date

Zombie Mission 4 was released in October, 2019.

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What kinds of weapons can I find in Zombie Mission 4?

The game offers a variety of weapons for players to choose from such as machine guns, rocket launchers and bazookas. You can also find special weapons and upgrades over the course of your adventures.

Can I customize my character?

Yes – when you first create an avatar, you can adjust the gender, skin colour, hair and clothing to your preference.

What platforms is Zombie Mission 4 available on?

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS
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