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Bus Games

Drivers and sightseers alike, get ready for an unforgettable road trip with the array of available bus games on From the intricate 3D bus driving games that challenge you to stay on the road and test your steering skills, to more whimsical games that give you the chance to choose from a variety of different buses and customise your own vision when it comes to its design, these amazing browser games will put you on the road to fun and adventure.

Types of Bus Games

There are several types of bus games on You can test your skills in realistic simulations of bus driving, or you can choose bus crafting games that give you a unique opportunity to design and customize your own bus. From the classic long-distance passenger bus, to school buses, post-apocalyptic zombie shuttles, or even cartoon-like buses, there's something for everyone.

Best Browser Bus Games

Here's a list of the top browser games featuring buses on

  • Bus Parking 3D - Get behind the wheel of a bus and put your parking skills to the test
  • Bus Driver Simulator - Drive an American schoolbus through a city and demonstrate your maneuvering skills
  • Long Bus Driver 2 - Take the bus through traffic and complete various pick-up and delivery missions
  • City Bus Simulator - Put on your driver's uniform and be prepared to brave the hustle and bustle of a big city
  • Zombie Bus - Pick up survivors and try to stay alive while you battle a zombie-infested city

For a truly unique and thrilling gaming experience, why not hop on board with one of's amazing bus games? Visit the Bus category today and see which one best suits your skills and interests.