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Busted Brakes is an online game developed by Ryan Rackeer. It is a racing game which requires players to race around to get the highest scores. The game allows players to customize their cars and build their dream vehicles, while competing with friends


  • Customize your car with any parts and accessories that you want.
  • Compete in tracks located in forests, deserts and cities.
  • Race against your friends and other players to reach the top of the leaderboard.
  • Collect power-u

Game Controls

  • WASD or Arrow keys - to move around
  • Space Bar - to accelerate
  • Shift key - to brake
  • Enter Key - to start race

How to Play

Create Car

Players must first create a car before starting the game. Players are able to customize their cars according to their liking by selecting parts from a list. Players need to select from a variety of parts such as engine, suspension an



In the game, players need to navigate their cars around the various tracks. There will be a variety of obstacles that the players need to maneuver around while trying to complete the laps within the fastest time. The controls of the car


  • Web - playable from any device with a web browser
  • Android - downloadable from Google Play Store
  • iOS - downloadable from App Store


The game Busted Brakes was developed by Ryan Rackeer.

Release Date

The game was released on March 5, 2020.

Similar games

Busted Brakes has a lot of similarities to other racing games such as Asphalt 8: Airborne and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Players can customize their cars and race against others in different tracks. Players can also collect power-ups in these games t


What are the controls for the game?

The controls for the game are WASD or arrow keys to move, space bar to accelerate, shift key to break, and enter key to start race.

How can I upgrade my car?

You can upgrade your car by selecti

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