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Running Games

Running games, also known as 3D runner games, are a genre of video games in which the player, as the name implies, runs. The objective in most games of this genre is to reach the finish line or to achieve a certain objective within the shortest time possible. This can be accomplished by various means, such as running and dodging obstacles, collecting items, controlling the character's movements and avoiding enemies.

Types of Running Games

Running games come in many forms, from the classic arcade-style runners and platformers to more modern titles that focus on speed, maneuverability and item collection. These titles usually feature some kind of cartoon-like animation, usually with a colorful backdrop and characters from other genres. Some typical examples would be:

  • Endless runners: These are the classic endless running games, where the player's goal is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible, while avoiding obstacles, collecting items and contending with enemies. Examples of this type of running game would be Temple Run and Subway Surfers.
  • Platformers: This subgenre is based more on maneuverability and finding the optimal path to the goal. Examples would be games like Rayman and Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Collectathon runners: These titles focus more on item collection, with the player competing to collect the most items before reaching the goal. Examples of this type of running game are Super Mario Run and Jetpack Joyride.
  • Racing games: These usually feature a fast-paced race with the player competing against opponents. Examples of this type of running game are of course Mario Kart and Sonic Racing.

Best Browser Running Games

The best browser running games are titles that use the most advanced technology in HTML5, WebGL, and Web Audio APIs, to provide an immersive gaming experience right in your browser. These games are typically free to play and can be quite entertaining and challenging yet easy to pick up. Examples of the best browser running games include games like Cubefield, Run 3, Flappy Bird, and Super Mario Run.