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Challenge the Runners


Fun and colorful races in exceptional race regions look ahead to you withinside the Challenge the Runners sport. The purpose of the sport is to enhance every race without being eliminated. Of course, this isn't as smooth as it seems; due to the fact, that there are numerous obstacles, traps, and rivals. You can play the Challenge the Runners sport towards 1 Player online / bot opponents, or towards your pal in 2 Player mode. You can liberate new skins and characters with the cash you get with sports achievements.

Challenge the Runners online multiplayer sport to participate, try and buy skip every flip to increase and win. In the Challenge the Runners Game, a laugh and colorful races in numerous racing regions watch for you. The intention of the sport is to transport ahead without elimination in every race. Of course, it is now no longer as truthful as it appears; because the barriers, traps, and opponents are too numerous. The Runners Challenge sport may be performed online in opposition to 1 player/bot rival, or in 2 Player mode together with your mate. You will liberate the cash you acquire with the sports rewards. New skins and characters.

Game Controls

Single Player

  • Move: W,A,S,D or "ARROW KEYS"
  • Jump: SPACE


Player 1

  • Move: W,A,S,D
  • Jump: G

Player 2

  • Move: ARROW KEYS
  • Jump: L

How to Play

The first race can have 30 participants, after the primary spherical there could be 18 participants. In a totally hard race, you'll want to grab victory and be available amongst eleven players, which is vital to strengthen further. And withinside the remaining decisive race, a few of the rest, it'll be found out who becomes primary and gets the coveted crown of the winner! On the way, you'll meet a large kind of risky trap, your fighters will intend to throw you down all of the time to be able to get ahead. Be careful, one incorrect move, as you may drop from the primary location to the remaining. For participation, the praise could be rubies, for which you may purchase new characters for yourself within the store. The cooler skins are expensive, so try and win as frequently as possible.

It is likewise really well worth announcing that right here you may play collectively on one computer, for this, you want to choose an exclusive mode and get familiar with the controls. Take your friends, dad, and mom, and move on the loopy impediment road. We want you to play a pleasing sport and right good fortune withinside the race!


Web browser


RHM Interactive developed Challenge The Runners.

Release Date

March 2021

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