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Ragdoll Runners

Category: Sports

Ragdoll Runners is a game that encourages players to take on the role of a ragdoll on an adventure full of hurdles. The main challenge of the game is to have the ragdoll jump and dash over obstacles to get to the end of the level and collect prizes. Ragdoll Runners is a 100% free-to-play game and can be played on multiple devices, including Web, Android, and iOS.


  • Over 80 levels with unique challenges
  • Different obstacles to dodge and overcome
  • Bonuses collected along the way
  • Compete against others in tournaments
  • Beautiful visuals and graphics
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive controls
  • 100% free-to-play game

Game Controls

  • Jump - press the Space bar or mobile on-screen button
  • Dash - press the Left Shift or mobile on-screen button
  • Move - press the arrow keys or swipe left or right

How to Play


The goal of the game is to help the ragdoll character reach the finish line of each level. Every level is filled with dangerous obstacles that the ragdoll needs to get past in order to get to the finish line. Every level's path is different and full of surprises that the player must strategize and use their skills to overcome.


Ragdoll Runners has over 80 levels, each of which has unique challenges. The player must help the ragdoll jump and dash across the level while dodging obstacles and collecting coins to get to the finish line. Every level is a race against the clock, and the player must complete the level before the time runs out. The more coins the player collects, the faster they can complete the level.


Each level of Ragdoll Runners has a cooldown period that prevents the player from playing the level again for a certain amount of time. This is designed to encourage the players to practice and improve their strategy and skill as they progress through the game.



The main objective of Ragdoll Runners is to complete the level before the time runs out. To do this, the player must help the ragdoll move around the level and jump, dash, and dodge obstacles. Along the way, the player will collect coins and bonuses which will help them get an edge to reach the finish line.


Ragdoll Runners is full of obstacles that the player and the ragdoll must get past. These obstacles can range from spikes, barriers and walls, to bouncing pathways and moving platforms. All of these obstacles require skill and strategy in order to get past and complete the level.


The player can collect bonuses throughout the level in order to increase their score. Bonuses can range from coins, to time boosters, to extra lives. Collecting these bonuses can help the player complete the level easier and faster.


Ragdoll Runners is available to play on Web, Android, and iOS devices.


Ragdoll Runners is developed by Gumbug Games, a game development studio based in the UK.

Release Date

Ragdoll Runners was released in June 2021 on all platforms.

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What type of game is Ragdoll Runners?

Ragdoll Runners is a free-to-play platformer game that requires skill and strategy to help the ragdoll character dash and jump to the finish line of each level.

Where can I play Ragdoll Runners?

Ragdoll Runners can be played on Web, Android, and iOS platforms.

Are there in-app purchases in Ragdoll Runners?

No. Ragdoll Runners is a 100% free-to-play game.

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