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Love and Treasure Quest is a magical, blissful and enthralling journey across an enchanted kingdom where players will be tasked with bringing peace and harmony. This web game is full of thrilling adventures, beloved characters, and mind-boggling puzzle


  • An extensive game world with tons of quests, locations, characters and enemies to explore
  • Customizable character creation
  • Detailed inventory and item system
  • Real-time combat system
  • Player-versus-player battles
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    Game Controls

    • Users can use different game controls such as mouse, keyboard, gamepad, etc.
    • Players can connect a joystick or gamepad device.
    • Players can save and load their game data.

How to Play

Basic Overview

Love and Treasure Quest is an adventure game that requires players to explore the world and its secrets, solve puzzles, and find precious treasures. Players will take control of a character and navigate their way through a world


Quest System

Love and Treasure Quest has a quest system that allows players to follow an intertwining storyline by completing different objectives. Players can complete these quests in the order they choose and receive rewards such as money, it


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Love and Treasure Quest was developed by Playfield Games, a team of experienced game developers and industry veterans dedicated to creating quality and immersive experiences for players of all ages.

Release Date

Love and Treasure Quest was released in August 2021.

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What type of game is Love and Treasure Quest?

Love and Treasure Quest is an adventure game that combines puzzle-solving and combat elements.

How many players can join the game?

Love and Treasure Quest can be played by up to four

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