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Welcome to Final Earth 2. This post-apocalyptic game puts you in charge of a (hopefully) growing and thriving colony that is about to settle one of Earth’s remaining shards.

Game Controls

Final Earth 2 provides an in-game intro, explaining the game’s controls. They are pretty simple – just select whatever you want to build with a left-click and place it on the ground with another left-click.

The game also features


Final Earth 2 is a vertical building game set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the Earth seems to be destroyed and you’re in charge of building a colony on a shard. The coolest feature of the game is that you can stack your buildings atop of ea


The Final Earth 2 is developed by Florian van Strien. Other popular games by Florian van Strien include Stop the Darkness, CircloO 2, and the original Final Earth.

Release Date

June 2021.

Similar games

Final Earth 2 is part of the Adventure category and the Builder subcategory. Check Babel Tower, Idle Arks, and the Mergest Kingdom for a similar experience.

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