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The Final Earth 2

Category: Adventure

Welcome to Final Earth 2. This post-apocalyptic game puts you in charge of a (hopefully) growing and thriving colony that is about to settle one of Earth’s remaining shards.

Game Controls

Final Earth 2 provides an in-game intro, explaining the game’s controls. They are pretty simple – just select whatever you want to build with a left-click and place it on the ground with another left-click.

The game also features a faster speed option, similar to that in The Sims franchise, and common in other city-building simulators.


Final Earth 2 is a vertical building game set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the Earth seems to be destroyed and you’re in charge of building a colony on a shard. The coolest feature of the game is that you can stack your buildings atop each other, allowing you to rise tall buildings in a limited piece of land.


The year is 2142, and the earth is a barren wasteland. Luckily, you built a spaceship to fly to a new world. A small world that will become your new home. You don't have a lot at first, but as you build more farms and houses and meet the needs of your citizens, your society will progress. 

Once you've acquired new technology and created a happy society on your beloved space rock, you can fly to other small worlds in your spaceship to further advance your space colony. 

Final Earth 2 has 7 game modes. The story mode begins with "A New Beginning," where you leave a post-apocalyptic Earth to build a new civilization. If you like chasing stories, this is the mode to play. However, there are also 6 free-to-play scenarios set in various unique environments.

Free play scenarios:

  • Mega World – huge world for building megacities
  • Random Archipelago – a random clique of worlds
  • Empty Canvas – huge world + resource-rich small worlds
  • Divided – rocks and trees divided
  • Random Mini Worlds – countless tiny worlds
  • Archipelago Classic – a clique of worlds
  • Features
  • Explore the story or play in a sandbox for complete freedom
  • Discover over 50 building types as you advance
  • Build a thriving metropolis with thousands of active inhabitants
  • Upgrade your workforce and colonize new worlds


Gather resources to build your economy and sustain production. You are able to gather seven types of resources, vital for your futuristic colony. Clicking on them provides an in-depth analysis of your economy.

  • Food – food is created on farms. Adult citizens eat 1 food per day, while children eat ½ unit of food.
  • Wood – it’s used to create your buildings
  • Stone – used to create Machine parts (wired!). It can also be purified into metals.
  • Knowledge – knowledge is used for research.
  • Machine Parts – used to create advanced buildings and high-tech machinery.
  • Refined Metals – used to create advanced buildings and computer chips.
  • Computer Chips – are used to create smart machines.
  • Citizens – Final Earth 2’s workforce. They are those that gather the resources needed for your buildings and machinery.
  • Happiness – satisfy the needs of your citizens, like housing a sense of purpose, and entertainment/educational/medical happiness. Do remember that happy citizens work faster!


Your space colony can contain up to 60 different buildings, enabling you to build a versatile economy. The happiness of your people depends on them! The most commonly used can be categorized into three basic categories:

  • Houses – where your citizens live. Provide as much as possible to your people because they can remain homeless.
  • Production – allow you to gather more resources
  • Services – improve the lives of your people.


Final Earth 2 has a relaxing, futuristic theme that allows you to chill but at the same time sends an out worldly vibe. It is heavily influenced by modern space odysseys like Raised By Wolves and Dune.


Web browser (desktop, mobile) and Steam


The Final Earth 2 was developed by Florian Van Strien. Florian Van Strien won the LupyGames 2018 Developer Contest and created other great games such as circlo02, Stop the Darkness and Stop the Darkness. Music by Stijn Cappetijn.

Other popular games by Florian van Strien include Stop the Darkness, CircloO 2, and the original Final Earth.

Release Date

June 2019

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