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Funny Food Duel is an exciting web game, specifically designed for kids. It is an interactive game of concentration and strategy with an emphasis on viewing different foods in different environments. In Funny Food Duel, turn-based gameplay involves a p


  • Interactive Turn-based Gameplay
  • Range of Mini-Games
  • Different Food and Environment Combinations
  • AI and Human Opponents
  • Cartoon-style Graphics

Game Controls

  • Click on the cards to turn them
  • Click on the “guess” button if you know the correct food
  • Click on the “pass” button if you do not know the answer
  • Click on the “end turn” button if you are ready to end your turn

How to Play

Set Up and Selecting a Player

Funny Food Duel is a game for two players. The players can either be an AI or a human. To select your opponent, all you need to do is choose the “human” or “computer” option. Once you have selected your opponent, y


Funny Food Duel is a browser-based game, so all device platforms with internet connection can play.


Funny Food Duel is developed by Klick-Klock Games, an independent game developer from the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to creating fun and educational games for kids.

Release Date

Funny Food Duel was released on April 1st, 2020.

Similar games

Due to the nature of Funny Food Duel, similar games that you may be interested in are Food Fight Frenzy and The Delicious Dash. Food Fight Frenzy is an online multiplayer game in which players must build their food-fighting armies and defeat the other


How many players can play Funny Food Duel?

Funny Food Duel is a two-player game.

What platforms is Funny Food Duel available on?

Funny Food Duel is a browser-based game, so it is available on all devices with internet connection.<

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