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Omega Layers is a 3D playing arena that facilitates fast-paced, arcade-style action. The purpose of the game is to eliminate all the enemies using a variety of weapons such as swords, guns, and lasers. Players can also jump, dodge, and dash through var


  • Fast-paced, arcade-style action
  • A range of weapons including swords, guns, and lasers
  • A variety of enemies
  • Various levels
  • Jumping, dodging, and dash abilities
  • Pause and change weapon

    Game Controls

    • Jump
    • Dodge
    • Dash
    • Shoot
    • Melee
    • Pause
    • Change Weapon

How to Play

The main objective of Omega Layers is to eliminate all the enemies before the time runs out. Players can use a range of weapons from swords and guns to lasers in order to defeat the enemies. The game also features various obstacles and levels that need


In Omega Layers, players need to defeat enemies, traverse levels, and reach the end with the time limit. As the game progresses, the enemies become increasingly difficult to defeat and the levels become more complex.


Players need


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Omega Layers was developed and designed by Trey Games.

Release Date

Omega Layers was released in April 2019.

Similar games

Some other arcade-action games that have a similar style of gameplay as Omega Layers are Tyrian, Trace Impact, and The Space Crusade.


What is the objective of Omega Layers?

The objective of Omega Layers is to defeat all the enemies and traverse the levels with the time limit before reaching the end.

What weapons can I use in the game?

  • Swords

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