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Night City Racing is a racing game that puts gamers into the thrilling world of the nighttime city roads. Players will be competing in intense races and time trials around the town to become the fastest racer in the city, and unlock harder and more exc


  • Realistic graphics and dynamic weather
  • Wide variety of circuits, tracks and events
  • Car customization and tuning
  • Single player, Multiplayer, and time trial mode
  • Competitive battles and leaderboards
  • Game Controls
    • Steering/ Movement – Keyboard arrow keys, gamepad
    • Accelerate/ Brake – Keyboard up/down, gamepad trigger
    • Nitro boost – Keyboard SHIFT, gamepad button
    • Drift – Keyboard SPACE, gamepad button

How to Play

Career Mode

In career mode, the player must win a series of increasingly difficult races to progress through the levels. As you win races, you will be rewarded with speed boosts and money. The money can then be used to purchase cars and upgrade


  • Web version through any browser
  • Android version through the Google Play Store
  • iOS version through the Apple App Store


Night City Racing was developed by Big Bird Games. Big Bird Games is a game studio based in Spain, with a focus on creating entertaining and high-quality games.

Release Date

Night City Racing was released on June 2020.

Similar games

Other racing games similar to Night City Racing include: Rocket League, Forza Horizon 4, Grand Theft Auto V and Need for Speed.


What platforms does Night City Racing support?

Night City Racing can be played on Web, Android, and iOS.

What are the game controls?

  • Steering/ Movement – Keyboard arrow keys, gamepad
  • Accelerate/ Brake – Keyboard

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