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Share Icon is an engaging and thrilling card game that encourages strategic planning while adding an element of surprise to the gameplay. The game involves a competitive battle between two to eight players and is simple enough for novices, but challen


  • An exciting and challenging card game
  • Play against two to eight players
  • Simple and easy controls
  • A range of exciting strategies to use in battle
  • A challenging game that requires strategic thinking
  • Game Controls
    • W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move
    • Spacebar to team up with other players
    • Mouse to select and drag cards
    • Number buttons to select cards
    • Shift to analyse the battle

How to Play

Step 1: Choose an Avatar

When you start a game of, the first step is to decide which avatar or character you want to play as. Your choice of character is important, as it will affect how the other players interact with you in the ga


Battling is a battle-focused game, where the aim is to defeat as many enemies as possible. As you progress in the game, you will encounter increasingly difficult battles.Each battle is played out on a 3x3 grid. On each round, you wi


  • Available to play on the web browser.
  • Available as an Android app.
  • Available as an iOS app.

Developer is developed by Studio 217, a small independent game studio based in Santa Monica, California. Founded in 2015, Studio 217’s mission is to create inventive, engaging and enjoyable experiences through games.

Release Date was released in 2017.

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