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Zombie Mission is a thrilling arcade game where your mission is to battle zombies and ultimately save innocents. As an arcadier, you control a brave hero who battles the zombie forces and releases innocent victims from the heinous zombie clutches. You’


  • Thrilling adventure game
  • Fight waves of enemies to save the innocents
  • Explore and find hidden pathways
  • Gain power-ups to get stronger
  • Intense and action-packed battles
  • Loot coins and purchase ite

    Game Controls

    • W,A,S,D/Arrow keys - Move the character
    • Space Bar - Shoot the enemies
    • Shift - Run faster
    • F - Use the weapon

How to Play

Starting the Game

The game starts with a brief introduction of the story line. You’ll find out how the zombie outbreak came to be, and your mission is to save the innocents and kill the zombies. To do that, you need to locate the six keys which



In Zombie Mission, you become the hero trying to save the world from the zombie hordes. You will explore each level as they become increasing difficult and complex. You will discover hidden ways, battle enemies, and ultimately save


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


The Zombie Mission game was developed by the talented game developers at Debonair Games.

Release Date

Zombie Mission was released in October 2019.

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What is the storyline of Zombie Mission?

The storyline of Zombie Mission is about a zombie outbreak, and your mission is to save innocents from the clutches of the zombie hordes.

What weapons can I use in Zombie Mission?

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