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Fly Car Stunt 3 is an awesome game from the developers of CatMouseGames that takes flight and stunts to the next level. The goal is to fly your car midair and complete stunts to gain points and reach the furthest distance. Compete with your friends for


  • 2 different cars to choose from
  • Different upgrades for your car
  • Various stunts to perform
  • Multiple tracks and obstacles to complete
  • Compete for highscores against friends

Game Controls

  • Jump – Press the arrow up
  • Fly – press the arrow down
  • Move left and right – press the arrow left and right to move your car laterally

How to Play

Select Your Car

When you first start the game, you are able to choose between two different cars. You can play with the super car or the regular car. Each car has its own unique set of stats, upgrades, stunts, and tracks.

Upgrade Your Ca


Fly Car Stunt 3 can be played on the web, Android, or iOS.


Fly Car Stunt 3 was developed by CatMouseGames.

Release Date

Fly Car Stunt 3 was released on June 1st, 2020.

Similar games

Fly Car Stunt 3 is similar to other stunt-based games, such as Extreme Car Stunts 3D and Fly Butterfly Stunts.


What is the goal of the game?

The goal of Fly Car Stunt 3 is to fly your car midair and complete stunts to reach the furthest distance while collecting points.

Are there any upgrades?

Yes, there are various upgrades such as turbo

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