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Blockers & Breakers is a fun, fast-paced game developed for children of all ages. You take control of a small pink rabbit who needs to navigate a maze of walls, traps and enemies while collecting carrots. The objective is to collect as many carrots as


  • Levels – 12 levels with different layouts and increasing difficulty
  • High Scores – Track your high scores and challenge your friends
  • Power-Ups – Collect power-ups to help you progress through the levels
  • Enemies – Watch o

    Game Controls

    • Up arrow key - Moves the character up
    • Down arrow key - Moves the character down
    • Left arrow key - Moves the character left
    • Right arrow key - Moves the character right
    • Space bar - Jumps

How to Play

  • Navigate - Use the Arrow keys to move your character around the maze
  • Jump - Press the Space bar to jump over walls, traps and baddies
  • Collect - Collect carrots to gain points
  • Avoid - Dodge your enemies and stay aliveGameplay

    The Maze and Characters

    The level itself is composed of a big maze with a variety of obstacles, walls and traps. Your main character is the pink rabbit who has to dodge all the enemies while collecting carrots. There are also enemies roaming th


    Blockers & Breakers can be played on the Web, Android and iOS.


    Blockers & Breakers was developed by Red Panda Studios, a game development company based in London.

    Release Date

    Blockers & Breakers was released in March 2020.

    Similar games

    Other similar games include Slime Time, Bubble Trouble and Monster Monsters.


    Which platforms does Blockers & Breakers support?

    Blockers & Breakers is available on the Web, Android and iOS.

    What kind of enemies can I expect?

    • Rats
    • Snakes
    • Spiders

    Are there any traps in the

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