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Kogama: Lego Star Wars is a thrilling adventure game from the Kogama world. This game brings players into the world of Star Wars, allowing them to build and explore the structures and environments of the beloved movie. Players can enter the Lego Star W


  • Create custom characters
  • Explore the Star Wars universe in creative ways
  • Compete in a variety of races
  • Battle friends in team-based games
  • Build structures with Lego pieces
  • Connect with friends fo

    Game Controls

    • Arrow keys or WASD to move
    • Spacebar to jump
    • Shift to run
    • E or Tab to interact
    • Q and W to select weapons

How to Play

Creating an Account

To begin, players must create a new account and log into the Kogama world website. Once logged in, players can begin customizing their character with clothing, accessories, or hairstyles. Players can also choose from a varie


Building Structures

Kogama: Lego Star Wars offers players creative freedom by allowing them to build their own structures and environments. Using pieces from the Lego world, players can build custom structures and even upload their creations an


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Kogama: Lego Star Wars is made by Kogama. Kogama is a browser, Android, and iOS game developer. Kogama has developed multiple games, such as Kogama: Lego Star Wars and Kogama: World Racing.

Release Date

Kogama: Lego Star Wars was released on April 4, 2017.

Similar games

For those looking for a similar experience, Kogama: World Racing, Kogama: Parkour Masters and Ohjaa! are some other great games that can be enjoyed. Kogama: World Racing allows players to drive around and compete in races in an array of different envir


Is Kogama: Lego Star Wars free?

Yes, Kogama: Lego Star Wars is a free game that can be accessed by creating an account at the Kogama world website.

What platforms is Kogama available on?

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

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