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Kogama Super Mario N64


Kogama Super Mario N64 is a fun, retro-styled adventure game created by Kogama. Players can step into the shoes of their favorite Nintendo gaming franchises and battle enemies, explore different levels, and experience the original classic game. Additionally, with the help of other players, gamers can build and customize their levels and compete against fellow players. Kogama Super Mario N64 features classic levels from Mario, Wario, and Donkey Kong games, as well as new levels added each week.


  • Compete against your friends and other players
  • Create custom levels and designs
  • Play classic levels from Mario, Wario and Donkey Kong games
  • Unlock new animations
  • Find hidden items
  • Race, battle and capture the flag scenarios
  • Share stats and leaderboards

Game Controls

  • Movement - Arrow Keys
  • Jump - Space Bar
  • Attack - Left Mouse Button
  • Interact with Objects - Right Mouse Button
  • Pause - Esc Key

How to Play

Set in the Mushroom Kingdom, players can explore the various levels from classic Nintendo franchises. To play each level, players must press the space bar to jump, the left click requires for attacks and movements which can be controlled using the arrow keys. To move around the game world, you can use the arrow keys, and to pause the game, the Esc key can be used. Players can use the right mouse button to interact with objects.

Creating Levels

Kogama Super Mario N64 also offers creative freedom to players. With a few clicks, they can create their own levels, or other players who can join them. In the editor, players can access various structures, blocks, and other items to design their levels. It also enables people to create custom character designs for their Mario and Wario customizations. Furthermore, you can also customize their colors, unlock new animation types and find hidden items throughout the game. Kogama also enables you to add special effects like, blasts, rockets, and explosions.


In order to compete against fellow players, one needs to design their own levels and compete against each other with their own custom levels. To make things more interesting, players can also engage in races, battles, and capture the flag scenarios. Kogama has also enabled players to share statistics, points and leaderboards that can be compared with their friends and other players around the world.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Kogama is the developer of Kogama Super Mario N64. They have created several other popular games such as Kogama World Racing, Kogama Adventures, and Kogama Sky Wars.

Release Date

Kogama Super Mario N64 was released on March 12th, 2021.

Similar games

Other similar games include Super Mario Maker 2, Mario Kart Tour, and Super Mario Party.


How do I control my character in Kogama Super Mario N64?

To control your character in the game, use the arrow keys for movement and the space bar to jump. The left mouse button is used for attacking and the right mouse button is used to interact with objects. The Esc key can be used to pause the game.

Are there any special effects available in the game?

Yes, in the editor you can add special effects like blasts, rockets, and explosions.

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