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Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear

Category: Adventure
Tags: Escape | Horror | House |

Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear is an action-packed web game that pits two of the most iconic horror game villains of all time against each other; Slenderman and Freddy The Fazbear! As the player, you have the freedom of controlling one of the two and completing your mission. Fight head-on in a realm of terror and become the ultimate champion!


  • Action-packed addictive gameplay
  • 25 levels to explore in Story Mode
  • Various weapons and items to collect
  • Intuitive controls with multiple camera angles
  • Dynamic environments for strategic combat
  • Multiplayer modes with up to 3 players

Game Controls

  • W - To move forward
  • S - To move backward
  • A - To move left
  • D - To move right
  • Spacebar - To jump
  • Left Click - For primary attacks

How to Play

Choosing a Mode

The game offers two modes of play, story and versus. In story mode, the player can choose to play as either Slenderman or Freddy The Fazbear and battle their way through 25 levels. In the versus mode, the player can take on the computer or set up a multiplayer connection and challenge their friends.

Collecting Items

In addition to defeating opponents, the player must also collect power-ups and items along the way in order to gain an advantage. These items can be used to replenish health or increase attack power. The player must take advantage of these items in order to achieve victory.

Winning the Game

The game ends when either Slenderman or Freddy The Fazbear has been defeated or if the player has completed all the levels in story mode. The player can also decide to play another game mode once the game ends.


Combat System

The player controls their character using the aforementioned controls and engages opponents in battle. Basic attacks include an array of physical strikes and projectile-based maneuvers. Special abilities can be used in combination with basic attacks to unleash powerful combos. These special abilities use up energy so they should be used sparingly.

Exploring the Environments

Exploration is essential and essential items and hints can be found in the various levels. As the player progresses, they will come across stronger opponents, requiring the use of different tactics to defeat them. The environments can also be interacted with, adding an extra layer of strategy to combat.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear was developed by Nulbarich Games, an independent game studio that specializes in creating horror-themed games.

Release Date

Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear was released in October of 2020.

Similar games

Other similar action-packed horror games include Five Nights at Freddy's, Dead by Daylight and Until Dawn.


How many levels are there?

There are 25 levels in the Story Mode.

Is there a multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can play with up to 3 players in multiplayer mode.

What platforms is the game available for?

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS
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