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Evo-F is an exciting web game that offers gamers an extraordinary adventure. In the game, you use your skills to fight deadly monsters in a fantasy world and meet interesting characters along the way. You journey through different landscapes, battle mi


  • A variety of characters to choose from
  • A tutorial to help beginners understand the game
  • Compelling storyline and missions
  • Interesting characters and exclusive cultures
  • Tournaments and mini-games for rewards and

    Game Controls

    • Jump
    • Movement – left, right, up, and down
    • Attack
    • Block

How to Play

Choosing a Character

The first step before playing Evo-F is to choose a character. You can customize and choose a character from a wide variety of options. You can choose from the different races, abilities, and attire available. This is an imp


Combat system

Evo-F fighting system uses a combination of attack and defense moves. You can perform a series of combos with your weapons and use special moves to take down your enemies. You can also block and evade enemy attacks, giving you ti


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Evo-F is created and developed by Broad Horizons Studio. The studio is a pioneer in the development of web and mobile games and has developed more than 50 titles in the past.

Release Date

Evo-F was released on June 14th, 2021. It is currently available for download on the web and on Apple and Android devices.

Similar games

If you are looking for similar games, you should try Adventures of Ravaged Steel, Corridor of the Enchantress, and Everwood. These games offer a similar style of gameplay, beautiful graphics, and immersive stories.


What kind of gameplay does Evo-F offer?

Evo-F offers an exciting fantasy world full of monsters and obstacles. You will battle enemies, collect powerful items and weapons, and complete missions. The game also has tournaments, mini-games, and ot

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