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Share Icon is a thrilling multiplayer online arena game for two to four players where you can challenge yourself and other players. This game is a 1v1 battle against multiple players, where powerful sword skills and agility level will determine your rank


  • Thrilling real-time action-packed battles
  • Multiple characters to choose from and customize
  • Gather and use powerups during gameplay
  • Compete in 1v1 fights and team up with other players
  • Fight for t

    Game Controls

    • W – Jump
    • A – Move Left
    • D – Move Right
    • Space – Attack
    • P – Pause
    • L – Return to menu

How to Play

Choose a Character

Players can choose between multiple character avatars with their own unique set of characteristics and powers. Choose one and jump into the arena to start battling!

Collect Power-Ups

Throughout, there a


Fights are in real-time incorporates in its gameplay the concept of real-time fighting. Every action requires an immediate reaction, leading to an incredibly engaging and action-packed experience. Quickly calculate your strategy and be


  • Web – available on browsers
  • Android – available for download on Android devices
  • iOS – available for download on iOS devices

Developer was developed and published by Third Kind Games, an indie game development company.

Release Date was released on March 15, 2021.

Similar games

Some titles similar to are Sword Master Story, Blocky Warrior and Duelist.


Is it easy to play

Yes, is relatively easy to pick up, although it does require practice and dedication to master.

How many players can join in one game?

Up to four players can participate in a single game of Sw

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