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YORG.io 3

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YORG.io 3 is an exciting and challenging tower defense game suitable for all ages. Players build and place structures on a 2D world map, defend against waves of enemies, and build resources to earn points. The goal is to build the strongest structures and slay the most number of enemies to complete each level. The game consists of multiple levels and waves of enemies that increase in difficulty while the player progresses. YORG.io 3 contains stunning 3D graphics, multiple levels, and various powerful towers and skills. It’s a highly entertaining and addictive game suitable for both casual and serious gamers.


  • Hundreds of levels with varying difficulty
  • Various enemies with special abilities
  • A variety of structrures and towers to build
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Powerful abilities to defend and attack
  • Strategic gameplay to defeat enemies
  • Upgradable structures to get more power
  • Tons of achievements to complete

Game Controls

  • A and D to move left and right, respectively
  • Spacebar to shoot the enemy
  • Number keys to deploy towers and abilities
  • Mouse to place and rotate buildings

How to Play

Chose the Level

YORG.io 3 starts with hundreds of levels for the players to complete. From the game’s map, the player can select which level they want to play. Each level features unique enemies and levels.

Building Structures

The players need to build buildings and towers to stop the waves of enemies from reaching the end of the board. There are many styles of buildings and towers to choose from, each with different attributes that help in defending. Players must mindful of their money and resources when constructing buildings.

Defeat the Enemies

As the player goes through the level, they must defeat each wave of enemies. Enemies can attack the buildings and will attempt to reach the end of the board. Players must make sure they defend their structures and also defeat every enemy to complete a level.



Managing resources is important in YORG.io 3. Resources are used to place structures, getting upgrades, and healing buildings. Players must balance their resources and use it wisely to optimize their gameplay.

Upgrading Structures

Players also have the option to upgrade their structures, making them stronger and more effective against enemies. All buildings and towers can be upgraded for more power, range and damage. The more power and damage, the more points will be earned for successful enemies defeated.


YORG.io 3 also features special skills that players can use. These skills can be used to unleash powerful attacks, heal and repair damaged buildings, and provide buffs to existing structures. Abilities can be used to turn the tide of battle and are key to winning the game.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


YORG.io 3 was developed by Burning Games, a team of game developers from Mexico. They have created a variety of web and mobile titles, and YORG.io 3 is one of their most popular games.

Release Date

YORG.io 3 was released in October 2019.

Similar games

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How many levels are in YORG.io 3?

YORG.io 3 has over 500 levels with increasing difficulty.

Does the game have multiplayer?

No, YORG.io 3 does not support multiplayer.

What devices can I play YORG.io 3 on?

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS
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