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Shoot And Run

Category: Shooting

Shoot And Run is an engaging shooting game. There is perhaps always a warrior inside every boy. If it has long been your longing to fire a row of bullets one after the other very quickly, this game is then here for you.

Game Controls

Tap and hold on to the screen of your mobile device, or hold the left mouse button to shoot and run.

How to Play

You start in an alley full of crates and enemies. Advance forward and clear it. The crates are marked with a number that indicates how many shots it has to take in order to be destroyed. Blow more crates to gain a combo bonus. But watch out – the crates explode and may kill you. This might be used to your advantage, but more on that – later.

Special crates

Three crates stand out with their color. They set you in Violent mode, giving you additional powers.

  • Nano shield protects you from exploding crates, enemies, and mines.
  • Blood furry gives you a wider shooting area, taking down more enemies at the same time.
  • Thunderbolt wind pushes the enemies away.


You’ll meet multiple faceless enemies that resemble mannequins along the way. There are three types of them, all bound on attacking you:

  • The orange ordinary ones
  • The red exploding ones
  • The black ones that wield a shield and that are super hard to kill

Kill them for extra coins or try to avoid them as much as possible, because they would certainly kill you. And they might come in swarms! Here’s where the special abilities come in handy. Another trick you may use is to clear bigger groups by blowing up some crates.

Other obstacles

Be extra careful with the rocks or the mines along the way. While the first will just slow you down, the latter would straight-up kill you.


Gather coins by clearing the path ahead from crates and enemies. Use them to buy customizations at the shop. However, they do not affect your gameplay.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Shoot and Run is developed by YAD.

Release Date

August 30, 2021

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