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MFS: MMA Fighter

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MFS: MMA Fighter is an action-packed web game that immerses players in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Players must battle and train their way to the top, competing in intense fights and managing a career. In this game, players will create their own avatar and use their martial arts skills and strength to their advantage. This game is sure to provide hours of entertainment, as players develop their MMA fighter and engage in strategic and exciting brawls.


  • Customize your fighter with a variety of hairstyles, clothing and accessories.
  • Choose from a large selection of martial arts skills to focus on.
  • Rise up in the amateur ranks as you win fights.
  • Manage your energy and diet as you fight and train.
  • Access unique combos and techniques as you progress.
  • Battle against other players from around the world.

Game Controls

  • Movement: Up, Down, Left, Right and Spacebar
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Punch: X or K
  • Kick: Z or J
  • Block: C or L

How to Play

Creating an Avatar

The game starts by allowing players to create their avatars. Players can choose to customize their fighters with a variety of different hairstyles, accessories, clothes, and tattoos. They can also assign different martial arts skills to focus on, such as grappling, submissions, or striking.

Career Mode

After creating their avatars, players can begin their career. They will start in the amateur leagues, fighting against other players from around the world, and can rise up the rankings as they win fights. They can also manage their avatar's career, as they must manage their energy and choose which stats to focus on.

Training Mode

Players can also choose to train their fighters in different areas of MMA. They should focus on different martial arts skills and train accordingly. Players must also manage their energy and diet, as they can only train and fight when they have the energy to do so. In this mode, they will gain access to special combos and techniques as they progress.

Fighting Mode

Finally, there is the fighting mode. This will pit players against one another in intense battles, where they must make use of all of their martial arts skills. When they face off against each other, they must use a combination of strategy, reflexes, and strength to win the fight.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


MFS: MMA Fighter was developed by MindFrog Studios.

Release Date

MFS: MMA Fighter was released on 10 April 2020.

Similar games

Similar games include UFC Fight Night, Tapout 2: The '90s Edition and Fight Club.


How many platforms are available?

MFS: MMA Fighter is available on Web, Android and iOS.

Can I customize my fighter?

Yes, players can customize their fighters with a variety of hairstyles, clothing and accessories.

Are there any other similar games?

  • UFC Fight Night
  • Tapout 2: The '90s Edition
  • Fight Club
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