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Clash of Tanks is an action-packed, multiplayer battle game with an arsenal of colorful tanks and powerful weapons. With a range of levels and settings, the player will be well equipped to take on the challenging fight against their enemies.



  • Real-time multiplayer battles with opponents from around the world
  • Range of tanks and weapons with unique stats and battle skills to choose from
  • Dynamic environments and maps to provide a unique experience
  • Events

    Game Controls

    • Use the mouse or arrow keys to control the motion of the tank
    • Use the left mouse button or spacebar to fire weapons
    • Press the left shift key to enter battle mode
    • Press the M key to bring up the map
    • Pres

How to Play

Create a Tank

The game starts with a tutorial page where the player can learn the basics of the game. After finishing the tutorial, the player will be able to maneuver a tank by controlling its motions and firing weapons.

The player then


Battle and Experience Points

The player earns battle and experience points (XP) when playing the game. XP is used to unlock new levels, weapons, and attachments to customize the tank. Battlepoints allow the player to gain access to special weap


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Clash of Tanks was developed by the company Legendary Games.

Release Date

Clash of Tanks was released on May 15th, 2021.

Similar games

Other games that are similar to Clash of Tanks include War Machines, Tank Off, Tank Trouble and Tank Wars.


What are the supported platforms for Clash of Tanks?

Clash of Tanks can be played on Web, Android, and iOS platforms.

What type of tanks can be used in the game?

The game has various types of tanks that can be customized with a ra

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