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Rocket Clash 3D is a 3D online internet battle game, allowing the user to access and compete real time with other players. It is full of vibrant and colorful graphics that are captivating and appeal to users of all ages. Players have the chance to cust


  • Intense real-time online battles with up to 10 players.
  • Vibrant and captivating 3D graphics.
  • A variety of characters and abilities to choose from.
  • Various exciting game modes.
  • Variety of weapons and ammunition to cu

    How to Play

    Character Selection:

    The game features various characters equipped with various weaponry. All characters come with a basic ammunition loadout and a special ability. The characters can be customized with different types of weapons and ammunition


Gameplay Basics:

The primary objective of Rocket Clash 3D is to defeat the opposing forces. Players control their avatars and have to use their weapons and abilities to defeat the enemies. There are various levels each with various conditions a


Rocket Clash 3D is available on Web, Android and iOS platforms. Players can play the game any time, anywhere.


The game was developed by the company Fat Fish Games, which is a subsidiary of High Tea Games. Fat Fish Games specializes in creating online games for all platforms.

Release Date

Rocket Clash 3D was released worldwide on August 2, 2020.

Similar games

Rocket Clash 3D is a unique and exciting game of its kind and has no direct competitors. Other similar games which have some of similar features are Super Mechs and World of Tanks.


Is Rocket Clash 3D a free to play game?

Yes, Rocket Clash 3D is a free to play game.

Is the game suitable for younger players?

Yes, the game is suitable for players of all ages. Even younger players can enjoy the vibrant graphics

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