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Wasteland Shooters

Category: Action
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Wasteland Shooters is an exciting, action-packed web game where players explore the post-apocalyptic world in a fight for survival. Players take on the role of freedom fighters, facing off against a ruthless army of robotic creatures in a wasteland ruled by machines.


  • Explore the post-apocalyptic world
  • Battle enemy forces
  • Upgrade your character and equipment
  • Choose between single or multiplayer mode
  • Play through unique levels
  • Use tactical decision making in combat
  • Compete in challenges

Game Controls

  • Movement: WASD keys (or arrows)
  • Guns: Mouse buttons (left & right)
  • Actions: E, C and Spacebar

How to Play

Choose Your Character

To get started playing Wasteland Shooters, you will first need to choose a character. Players have the option to select from three pre-made characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Players can customize their chosen character's appearance and equipment through a variety of customization options.

Explore the Wasteland

The game's main objective is to explore the dangerous post-apocalyptic world, scavenging for resources and fighting off enemy forces. Players must navigate the dangerous wasteland, filled with ruins, robots, and dangerous creatures. As they explore, players can collect resources such as medical supplies, weapons, and scrap metal to be used to craft items, upgrade equipment, and build fortifications.

Take on Robotic Enemies

The enemies in Wasteland Shooters are a variety of robotic creatures, from small hovering drones to massive war machines. Players must use their reflexes and weapons to take on these enemies and survive. As players progress, they will unlock additional weapons and abilities to help them in their fight for survival.

Upgrade Your Character

Throughout the game, players will be able to upgrade their character's abilities and equipment. This can be done through the game's progression system, where players can use resources to craft items, upgrade items, and build fortifications. All of these upgrades help players survive and become stronger.


Choose Your Mode (Singleplayer/Multiplayer)

In Wasteland Shooters, players have the option to choose between Singleplayer or Multiplayer mode. In Singleplayer mode, players take on the myriad of robotic enemies alone, while in Multiplayer mode, they can team up with other players to fight together against the enemy forces. Whichever mode they choose, they are sure to have a thrilling and challenging experience.

Play Unique Levels

The game features a variety of levels for players to explore and complete. These levels range from small areas with minimal enemies to massive battlefields. As players progress, the levels become more difficult and enemies become tougher. Mastering all levels requires skill, strategy, and resource management.

Combat System

The combat system in Wasteland Shooters is based on reflexes, positioning and tactical decision making. Players must use their weapons and abilities to defeat the enemies, but must also take into account the tactical advantages of their position. Players can use cover and the environment to gain an advantage or use it to their disadvantage, depending on the situation.

Compete in Challenges

The game also features challenges, which require players to complete various objectives within a time limit. These challenges can range from time trial events to enemy waves and more. Players are also able to compete against friends in these challenges, with the leaderboard keeping track of who has completed the most challenges.


Wasteland Shooters is available on web, Android and iOS platforms


Wasteland Shooters is developed by Bright Wield Games.

Release Date

Wasteland Shooters was released on October 23, 2020.

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What type of game is Wasteland Shooters?

Wasteland Shooters is an action-packed web game set in a post apocalyptic world. Players must battle robotic enemies in a fight for survival.

What platforms can the game be played on?

Wasteland Shooters is available on web, Android and iOS platforms.

What are the controls of the game?

  • Movement: WASD keys (or arrows)
  • Guns: Mouse buttons (left & right)
  • Actions: E, C and Spacebar
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