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Smash Karts

Category: .IO
Tags: Io | 3d | Webgl | Topdown | Battle | With Friends | Kart |

Smash Karts 3D multiplayer kart-fight game. You can drive your go-kart and pick up weapons to take down other karts. You can unlock new characters and prizes by playing.

How to Play

Play games to earn XP

For 3 minutes of kart-smashing madness, face off with the other players. There are many maps to explore. You will earn XP for every public game you play. This can be used to increase your level.You will be rewarded with coins, hats and wheels for leveling up. To unlock rare characters at different levels, you can use character tokens from the prize machine.

Pick up weapons

To pick up random weapons or power-ups, you can drive over boxes with question marks. There are many options, from invincibility to machine guns and mines to choose from. You can cause chaos with your kart!

Customize your kart!

You can choose from a variety of quirky characters and karts. The customize menu allows you to customize your kart or characters. You'll find many holiday items, characters, hats and karts in the customize menu.


Tall Team developed SmashKarts.io. Tall Team also created Investor Island and BlastAR Pro, an AR arcade game.

Release Date

March 2020

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