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Kill the Ice Age Baby Adventure is an exciting and thrilling platformer game. It is designed for children, giving them the opportunity to embark on a time-traveling adventure and explore ancient civilizations of the Ice Age, as well as have an action-p


  • Time-travelling platformer game
  • Explore the ancient lands of the Ice Age
  • Collect rewards and progress through levels
  • Interact with NPCs and make decisions
  • Fight enemies with regular attack, dash attack, bl

    Game Controls

    • Arrow Keys to move
    • Space Bar to jump
    • Ctrl to attack
    • Shift to dash

How to Play

Kill the Ice Age Baby Adventure is a platformer game with puzzle elements, which you can play on your computer browser. You will be playing as a brave character who has to jump, dodge obstacles, and fight against every kind of creatures, while also try


The gameplay of Kill the Ice Age Baby Adventure is focused on your character’s mission to save the baby dinosaur. Throughout your journey, you will face multiple obstacles, enemies and levels that will increase in difficulty. You will get to explore th


  • Web Browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Kill the Ice Age Baby Adventure is developed by Green Pixel Studio, a company dedicated to developing high-quality fun and educational games for children.

Release Date

Kill the Ice Age Baby Adventure was released on August 28th, 2020.

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How do I play the game?

You can play the game in the web browser of your computer, on Android, or iOS device. The game controls are the arrow keys to move, the space bar to jump, the Ctrl key to attack, and the Shift key for a dash attack.


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