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Merge Defence is an exciting and challenging game that invites you to the world of puzzles and strategy. From the brilliant minds of MadKite Games, Merge Defence takes you on an epic journey of defence against the enemy which is advancing towards your


  • Puzzle solving and strategy
  • Gather resources
  • Join forces
  • Merge and upgrade defenders
  • Fight the enemy
  • Resource management
  • Rewards system

Game Controls

  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Touchscreen

How to Play


Merge Defence is a game where players are challenged to protect their kingdom from their enemies by cleverly managing strategies, resources, and puzzle solving. To do this, players join forces which can upgrade and get upgraded def


Organizing the Defense

Players are required to build a force of defenders that can withstand the enemy forces. Players have the choice of merging bosses, guardians, towers and other defenders. Some defenders must be placed in specific grids whi


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Merge Defence was created by MadKite Games. MadKite Games is a game and app developer based in Singapore. The team is made up of talented game developers of different backgrounds and expertise, focused on creating engaging, intuitive, and fun games for

Release Date

Merge Defence was released in April 2021.

Similar games

Merge Defence is a strategic puzzle game with similarity to popular games such as Plants vs. Zombies and Clash of Clans. Other similar games that might interest you include Tower Crush, Brave Dragon, and Kingdom Defense.


How do I play Merge Defense?

Merge Defence is a strategic game where you have to gather resources, merge and upgrade defenders to protect your kingdom from possible enemies. You have to use your strategic and puzzle solving skills to build an i

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