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Naruto Online

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Become a part of the fast-paced action with this Naruto Online game. The iconic anime and Manga series is a huge part of the gaming community.

Naruto Online is a game that focuses largely on character development and upgrading your gear and your team. Finding a good Guild and acquiring high-quality items is also important. Build a team, upgrade your gear and let your character unleash it to the bad guys while you sit back and enjoy!

Game Controls

What is shocking at first is the inability to control your ninja into battle. Naruto Online is classified as an Idle Role Playing game (Idle RPG). This means that whatever character you select, they will attack, cast, shoot, and defend on their own. You just use the mouse and its left button for navigating, upgrading, and purchases.

So, you might miss some of the action throughout the game. But you’ll certainly be far more engaged with building your team, upgrading your gear with the coin you’ll collect along the way, or using them to purchase orbs at the shop.

How to Play

Pick your favorite character. The Naruto online game includes the names of Naruto himself, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. All of them possess a unique skillset full of epic moves and powerful abilities.

Benefits Lobby

The Benefits Lobby is the main screen of the game. You can pick various options from Naruto online at the Benefits Lobby. Visit the Guild, the Arena, or a certain event. You can also go for a Dungeon run or a Boss fight, as well as a Cross-Server interaction.

Through the Benefits Lobby, you can access some of the following sections, listed below.

  • The Arena allows the players to participate in some PVP events, earn awards, and gather additional experience.
  • Boss fights are pretty much the same but without the PVP element. Earn unique and powerful rewards and gain some huge levels of additional experience.
  • Events allow further you to purchase some cool items. You can spend less money on an Event, and then use them in an Investment Plan event. That way you can learn more!
  • Guilds work like pretty much any guild system in any game. Join a Guild to defeat Bosses, fight in the Arena, or participate in events with other players.
  • Cross-server events are one of the unique features. They allow you to participate in different activities along with players from different servers.


The forge allows you to upgrade your gear. Enhance your items with silver, or refine them by using the Tempering stone. You can enchant your equipment with the Forging stone and inlay a Gem by using the Gem Essence.


The Totem provides bonuses on certain base stats (Hitpoints, Attack, Defense, and PvP damage). You can upgrade it with the Totem Upgrade Orb or with Silver.

Building your team

You can create a team by recruiting more famous ninjas to fight alongside you. You can upgrade your partners by using Silver or Partner Advancing orb. Also, you can put Ninja Bond to good use. It has a whole system dedicated to it.    

You can collect partners from rewards and special events. Improve them with Silver or by using Partner Advancing orb.

Partners are a pivotal asset in Naruto Online. They provide support and sometimes are decisive in clinging to the victory.

Game setting

The game setting is pretty similar to that of the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise. The two fighting forces take the two sides – left and right. Then your character and their team take care of the enemy themselves.


The graphics are similar to the original artwork of the classic Manga series. They were created by legendary Japanese artist Masashi Kishimoto.


So far, Naruto online is available as a web browser game.

Release Date

September 2019.

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