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Slope Ball (Falling Ball) is an addictive arcade game where the player controls the direction and intensity of the balls that fall through an endless loop of slops. The mission of the game is to keep the ball on the track for as long as possible witho


  • An addictive game with immersive visuals and soundtrack
  • Exciting gameplay and realistic physics
  • Multiple levels and game modes
  • Earn rewards, badges, and power-ups to progress
  • Social connectivity through leaderboards

    Game Controls

    • The arrow keys are used to control the ball direction and intensity
    • The spacebar is used to initiate the launch of the ball

How to Play

Starting a New Level

To begin a new level, the player needs to press the spacebar. It starts a new game, sets the fall speed and maintains the continuous loop of the track. There are multiple levels in the game the player needs to complete one


Gameplay Elements

The game is based on an endless loop of slopes. As the ball rolls down the track, hills and obstacles keep appearing to make the gameplay more thrilling and difficult. There are several power-ups that the player can acquire to


  • Web: Slope Ball is available on the web through any browser.
  • Android: It is available on Android play store as well. It supports devices running Android 4.4 onwards.
  • iOS: It also supports iOS devices running 8.0 onwards.


Slope Ball (Falling Ball) is developed by Softy Games, a company specialized in developing mobile and web games.

Release Date

Slope Ball (Falling Ball) was released in May 2019.

Similar games

Other popular free arcade games that are similar to Slope Ball (Falling Ball) include Rolling Ball – Rail Maze, Rolling Sky, and Stickman Hook.


How do I play the game?

To play the game you need to control the ball using the arrow keys and press the spacebar to launch the ball. Agility and precision are the keywords for the game.

Are there any power-ups in the game?

Yes, t

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