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Habbo Clicker

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Habbo Clicker is a fun and exciting web-based game from the developer Sulake, which is suitable for kids aged 7 and up. The game allows players to find various pets, decorations and locations. Players have to work to complete each task and earn coins, which can be used to buy new items and upgrade their character's skills. The game offers a variety of challenges and rewards, and the exciting and interactive experience helps keep the game stimulating and entertaining.


  • Play as your own avatar and customize it to your liking.
  • Gain experience points and unlock new items, decorations and locations.
  • 40+ areas with different challenges and rewards.
  • Challenge and compete with other players online or in the game rankings.
  • Take part in daily activities and events.
  • Find, train and care for pets

Game Controls

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Gamepad (optional)

How to Play

Getting Started

The first step in playing Habbo Clicker is to create an avatar. Players can choose from a variety of pre-made avatars, or they can customize their own. Players can customize the look, clothing, and personality of their avatar, which will become a unique representation of the player. Once the avatar is complete, the player can begin the game.


The main objective of Habbo Clicker is to complete challenges and increase your character's level. As the player completes tasks, they can earn coins, which can be used to purchase new items, decorations and more. There are over 40 types of locations in the game, with different challenges and challenges associated with each one. As the player progresses, they will also unlock new areas and items. In addition to this, players can also compete with other players online or in the game rankings.

In-Game Challenges

Habbo Clicker has a variety of challenges to complete. These include scavenger hunts, crafting, arcade games, puzzles, and more. As players complete challenges, they will earn rewards, such as coins, XP (experience points), or new items. These rewards help players progress further in the game. Additionally, players can also participate in mini-games to earn additional rewards.

Daily Activities and Events

Habbo Clicker also has a variety of daily activities and events. These events and activities can help players level up, earn coins, and acquire new items. Players can participate in tournaments, competitions, and leaderboards, which can help them advance in the game. Additionally, players can also join clubs and participate in other activities and events with other players.

Types of Pets

In addition to the challenges and tasks, players can also find and keep pets in Habbo Clicker. There are a variety of different pets available, including cats, dogs, rabbits and more. Players can train and care for their pets, and they will reward players with companionship and coins when they are taken care of properly.


  • Web


Habbo Clicker was developed by Sulake, a Finnish games developer founded in 2000. The company is best known for its Habbo Hotel franchise, a series of virtual world games for a range of platforms.

Release Date

Habbo Clicker was released in June 2020.

Similar games

Players looking for similar experiences to Habbo Clicker may enjoy other games from Sulake, including Habbo Hotel and Habbo Quest. Alternatively, similar games include Animal Jam and the Family Farm series.


How do I play Habbo Clicker?

To play Habbo Clicker, first create an avatar and personalize it to your liking. Then, complete challenges to earn coins and XP. You can use the coins to purchase new items and decorations, and the XP can be used to level up your character. You can also complete daily activities and events, find and care for pets, and compete with other online players.

What platforms is Habbo Clicker available on?

Habbo Clicker is available on web browsers.

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