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Particle Clicker is a fun, experimental game that puts your energy and experience in the physics of particles and subatomic particles to the test. It is simple to play and can be challenging, depending on how much you know about particles. It’s an onl


  • Fun, addictive and fast-paced gameplay
  • Challenging level design
  • Different bonuses and power-ups
  • Interesting particle and physics based puzzles
  • Simple and intuitive controls

Game Controls

  • Left click to activate nodes on the level map
  • Use the arrows (or WASD) to move the particles around
  • Press the space bar to shoot a particle

How to Play

The objective of Particle Clicker is to collect as many particles as possible while avoiding the other obstacles on the level. Each level has a target number of particles to collect, and when the target is achieved, the level is completed. The levels b


Particle Clicker is available as an online web-based game. It can be played on desktop and laptop devices with a browser. There is no installation required and no monthly subscription.


Particle Clicker is developed by Nuclear Fish Games, a small independent game development studio based in the US. Nuclear Fish Games specialize in creating fun and innovative games that are easy to learn but difficult to master.

Release Date

Particle Clicker was released in March 2021 and is currently available to play online for free on desktop and laptop devices.

Similar games

Similar games to Particle Clicker include Hookie Maze, Space Blitz and Gravity Orbit. All three of these games require players to use physics and orbit mechanics to traverse and complete levels.


What is the objective of Particle Clicker?

The objective of Particle Clicker is to collect as many particles as possible in order to gain a high score and progress through the levels.

What platforms is Particle Clicker available for?

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