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TableTop Idle Remastered is a single-player strategy game, available on web, Android and iOS platforms. It takes you back in time to the classic tabletop role-playing games of the past. In this game, your goal is to become the mightiest hero in the la


  • Choose from over 10 different heroes
  • Procedurally-generated levels
  • Varied enemies and bosses
  • Collectible treasures and upgrades
  • In-game shop to purchase new items
  • Compete with your friends
  • Game Controls
    • Arrow keys - Movement
    • Space bar - Interaction
    • Shift - Sprint
    • Enter - Menu

How to Play

Starting the Game

Once the game has started, the player will have to choose a hero from the hero pool, which includes a variety of classic RPG characters. These characters range from classic medieval knights to powerful wizards, each with their


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


TableTop Idle Remastered is developed by LogicalGamer Studios, a small indie game development studio from Minnesota, USA.

Release Date

TableTop Idle Remastered was released on April 27th, 2020.

Similar games

TableTop Idle Remastered is part of the growing genre of tabletop strategy games like X-Com or Dungeon of the Endless. It also shares similarities with classic RPG games such as Dungeons & Dragons or Final Fantasy.


What type of game is TableTop Idle Remastered?

TableTop Idle Remastered is a single-player, top-down strategy game. It combines elements of classic tabletop role-playing games with fresh, modern game mechanics.

What platforms is this ga

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