Scrap Metal 2022

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Scrap Metal 2022

Category: Driving

Game Controls

*wasd* *mouse* *shift* = clutch *f**v* = gears *t* = slow motion *r* = repair *enter* = reset car *c* = camera *space* = handbrake
Scrap Metal 2022 is the new version of the popular driving game where a player can drive various supercars either on an empty or customized map through a map builder tool. This version brings 2 main innovations: A new core that brings improved vehicle physics (Easier and more fun to drive) Implementation of NFT (Non-fungible token) tech - via the NFT, you can be unique owner of an unique car in the game. Only owners of this NFT can drive and use the car. Every owner can also sell this NFT to any other user via open decentralized NFT market running on the blockchain technology. You can join in by using Metamask (polygon network) wallet. Cars in the game: Koenigsegg Gemera Mercedes-amg one Aston Martin Vulcan Jaguar c-x75)