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OddBods: Looney Ballooney is a colorful arcade game that invites players to join the fun of OddBods silly adventure. Aimed at younger players, the game offers an amusing challenge of guiding OddBods across the screen, picking up coins, avoiding obstacl


  • A colorful, brightly designed game with wacky characters for young children.
  • Multiple challenges in each level, each with its own level-up system.
  • Thrilling obstacles, coins, and enemies that require skillful maneuvering and

    Game Controls

    • Mouse click
    • Space bar

How to Play

OddBods: Looney Ballooney is quite simple to play. All players have to do is select a character from the collection of available OddBods and the game to start. Each level of the game requires the player to collect coins and avoid obstacles by controlli


OddBods: Looney Ballooney is currently a web game, although it has been released for Android and iOS devices as well. The game can be played online in any web browser, as well as from the App Store and Google Play.


OddBods: Looney Ballooney is developed by Mom Play Apps, a company on a mission to create fun and educational games for young players. Founded in 2020, Mom Play Apps strive to provide the best gaming experience for their young fans through the developm

Release Date

OddBods: Looney Ballooney was released in April 2021.

Similar games

Games similar to OddBods: Looney Ballooney are Kidrabbit: Thief of Turtles, Dunkers 2, and Slingshot Cat.


What controls can be used to play OddBods: Looney Ballooney?

OddBods: Looney Ballooney can be controlled by using the mouse click or the space bar.

What platforms is OddBods: Looney Ballooney available on?

OddBods: Looney Balloone

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