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Brutal Zombies is an action-packed, survival video game where the player must fight off hordes of relentless zombies while scavenging resources to survive. It is set in a post-apocalyptic universe where the undead lurk in every corner. It’s your job to


  • Create and customize your own character
  • Intuitive and responsive map navigation
  • Use of deadly weapons, armors and gadgets to battle zombies
  • Scavenge resources to stay alive
  • Fight massive zombie hordes

    Game Controls

    • Primary weapon fire
    • Secondary weapon fire
    • Jump
    • Melee attack
    • Reload
    • Dodge
    • Crouch
    • Interact
    • Inventory
    • Scorecard
    • Map

How to Play

Creating an account

In order to play Brutal Zombies, players must create an account. This is a simple process, as players just need to enter an email address and set a password. From here, players can log in and start playing.



Story Mode

The story mode of Brutal Zombies follows the players’ journey to discover the secrets hidden beneath the terror-filled land. Players will fight their way through different storyline missions and search for resources while battling t


Brutal Zombies is available on Web, Android, and iOS platforms.


The game was developed by Zombunker Inc., a well-known game developer with a track record of producing highly acclaimed titles.

Release Date

The game was first released worldwide on October 2019.

Similar games

There are a number of other post-apocalyptic zombie survival games on the market, but none of them offer the same level of intense and exhilarating action as Brutal Zombies. Similar games include Last Day on Earth: Survival, Dead Trigger 2, and State o


Where can I get the game?

Brutal Zombies is available on the Android, iOS, and Web stores.

How do I progress the story mode?

In order to progress the story mode, you need to fight off hordes of zombies, collect resources, and unl

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