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Soccer Hero

Category: Sports

Soccer Hero is an exciting web game designed for players of all ages. The goal is to become the world’s greatest soccer player. To do so, you'll have to rise from rank amateur to international champion by working your way up the leaderboard with each victory. This game puts you in the middle of the action, as you make all the big plays. You'll have to utilize your skills, strategy, and agility to take down opponents and make your way up the leaderboard, on the path to victory!


  • Realistic Soccer Gameplay
  • Compete Against Other Players
  • Different Roles to Select From
  • Train and Improve Your Skills
  • Choose From a Variety of Players
  • Customize Your Team

Game Controls

  • A – Dividing
  • S – Tackling
  • D – Pass
  • F – Shoot
  • Space Bar – Jump

How to Play

Join a Match

Your first step on the journey to become a Soccer Hero is to join a match. The game will find the best match for you, depending on your skill level. After the match has been found, you will be placed in a team of 11 players and be given a specific role for the match. You can choose to be either a Defender, Midfielder, or Striker. It's up to you to bring glory to your team and become a Soccer Hero!

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay of Soccer Hero is frenetic and fast-paced. You must use your agility and skill to battle opponents on the pitch. Utilize A, S, D, and F to move across the field in order to set up your next shot. Also, don't forget to use the spacebar to jump for the ball and dodge opponents. You can choose to shoot with your left or right foot, as well as divide and pass in order to gain an advantage over your opponents.


Soccer Hero is available to play on both web, iOS, and Android devices. The game works perfectly across all platforms, allowing you the flexibility to play wherever you want.


Soccer Hero was developed by Xygames, an independent game company based in San Francisco.

Release Date

Soccer Hero was released on October 3rd, 2019.

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How many players can join a match?

A match can have up to 11 players per team, for a total of 22 players.

Can I customize my team?

Yes, you can customize your team with different uniforms and players.

Which platforms is Soccer Hero available on?

Soccer Hero is available on web, iOS and Android.

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