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Cut the Rope 2

Category: Adventure
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Cut the Rope 2 is a mobile puzzle game developed by ZeptoLab and released in 2013. It is the sequel to the original Cut the Rope. Players are in control of a very hungry monster named Om Nom, who they must guide to collect candy by cutting ropes and using objects to create paths. Om Nom loves candy, and the players’ goal is to get the candy to him as efficiently as possible, while avoiding obstacles like spiders. The game has vibrant colourful graphics, entertaining physical puzzles, and mysteries to discover.


  • Vibrant and lively graphics
  • Fun physical puzzles
  • Multiple levels, each with unique objectives
  • Collectible items and achievements to unlock
  • Easy to understand leisure physics

Game Controls

  • Touch the screen to cut the ropes
  • Swipe the screen to move objects
  • Tilt the device to guide Om Nom
  • Double-tap the screen to activate objects

How to Play


The game consists of many levels, each one having Om Nom start in a different area and with a different objective. In general, in each level Om Nom must be guided to collect a piece of candy while avoiding obstacles like spiders, wind gusts, and fire. To do this, the player will need to cut ropes, move objects around, and double-tap certain elements to activate certain objects.

Stars and Collectibles

In addition to the main objective of collecting the candy, each level may also have different secondary objectives for the player to complete. For example, collecting special items, activating certain objects and completing the level in a certain amount of time. Completing these objectives will earn the player extra stars, which are used to unlock more levels and bonus items.

Score and Achievements

Throughout the game, the players will be awarded points for their performance. Points are accrued for quick and efficient solutions, as well as for completing bonus objectives. Players can also compete with their friends and compare scores. The game has many achievements that the player can unlock, such as collecting all the stars in a certain level or completing a certain amount of levels.



The game has colourful and lively graphics. All the characters have a lot of personality and their animations are very expressive. The backgrounds are vibrant and detailed and the levels are cleverly designed to make them fun and challenging. The game has an upbeat soundtrack that adds to the game’s fun and energy.


The game has an increasing level of difficulty that makes the game gradually more challenging, but still accessible for all ages. Obstacles and bonuses become increasingly more complex, but the game does not become frustrating or too hard to beat. It is recommended for players of all skill levels.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS


Cut the Rope 2 was developed by ZeptoLab, a company that has developed other popular casual games such as King of Thieves and CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars. ZeptoLab is well known for their innovative and addictive games, which have been downloaded millions of times around the world.

Release Date

Cut the Rope 2 was released on November 18, 2013 for iOS and Android.

Similar games

Other popular games in the same genre as Cut the Rope 2 are Where's My Water? and Red Ball. Where's My Water? is a mobile puzzle game in which the players have to guide a crocodile to get water and use objects to solve puzzles. Red Ball is a classic platformer in which the players move a red ball to reach the goal and avoid obstacles.


How many levels are in Cut the Rope 2?

Cut the Rope 2 has over 100 levels and new levels are added frequently.

Are there any in-app purchases in Cut the Rope 2?

Yes, there are some in-app purchases such as extra content and special power-ups that can make the game easier.

Are there any gamers tips for Cut the Rope 2?

  • Look around the level and think ahead, this will help you complete levels faster.
  • Try to identify patterns in the levels to find the easiest way to complete levels.
  • Make use of the power-ups when available, as it can make the levels easier.
  • Don't forget to collect the extra stars, as it will help you unlock more levels.
  • Go back and replay completed levels, as it will give you an opportunity to get better scores.
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