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Idle Chopper is an exciting and addictive idle web game that is all about managing and growing your own motorcycle business. Players are in charge of their own business, getting their hands dirty by building a variety of motorcycles and upgrades. The g


  • Fully customize your choppers
  • Scrounge for parts
  • Unique days/night-cycle
  • Complete daily tasks for extra rewards
  • Bet on races for extra money
  • Keep track of your progress with Time Diar

    Game Controls

    • Move - left click on the helicopter icon
    • Interact - right click on the helicopter icon
    • Toggle between helicopters - left and right arrows
    • Scrounge for parts - left-click on the magnifying

How to Play

Starting Out

The first step to playing Idle Chopper is to build your start. You begin the game with a few simple parts – a frame, engine and the rest of the body pieces. It’s up to you to build the motorcycle that fits your style, as well as co


Day/Night Cycle

Idle Chopper also has a unique day/night cycle, which will affect the way you play the game. Certain events and customers will only appear during the day, such as races and deliveries. You will have to work fast to get the mos


Idle Chopper is available on the web, for Android, and for iOS devices.


Idle Chopper was developed by Kompendium Games, a small indie game development studio based in London.

Release Date

Idle Chopper was released on March 3rd, 2021.

Similar games

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What type of game is Idle Chopper?

Idle Chopper is an idle and resource management web game. You are responsible for managing and growing your own motorcycle business.

How do I collect parts in Idle Chopper?

To collect parts in Id

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