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Ado Cars Drifter

Category: Driving
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Ado Cars Drifter is an exciting and fun game that allows players to speed their way through different tracks. The game is full of twists and turns, tricky obstacles, and intense competition. The goal of the game is to get to the finish line in the fastest time and make sure you don't crash. You can challenge your friends or simply enjoy the game by yourself with its various levels, which will put your reflexes and driving skills to the test.


  • Intense and fun racing gameplay
  • Choose from a range of cars each with different stats and abilities
  • Various power-ups to use as you climb your way to the top
  • Compete against friends or strangers in either a single-player mode, multi-player mode, or time trial mode
  • Track your progress with leaderboards
  • Earn coins and other rewards as you win levels

Game Controls

  • Arrow keys or WASD to drive
  • Space bar to boost
  • X key to drift
  • Q key to activate slow motion
  • M key to mute the sound

How to Play

Selecting a Track and Vehicle

When you first start playing, you will have the option to choose from a range of different tracks. Depending on the level of difficulty you prefer, you can choose a longer or shorter track for your race. The game has a variety of cars to choose from, and each one has different stats and abilities. Depending on the track you choose, you may want to pick a car that has a boost or a drift ability.

Driving and Collecting Boosts

The goal of the game is to race against the clock and get to the end of the track as quickly as possible. You will have to navigate around sharp turns and tricky obstacles while using the drift and boost ability to get to the finish line faster. On the way, you will be able to collect boosts, which will help you increase your speed and get through the track faster.

Competing Against Friends

If you want an extra challenge, you can play Ado Cars Drifter with a group of friends. This is a great way to have some fun with friends, and you can even set up a tournament and race against each other in different tracks. This allows for more competition and adds some extra excitement to the game.


Game Modes

Ado Cars Drifter has several game modes to choose from. These include a single-player mode, a multi-player mode and even a time trial mode. In the single-player mode, you will have to complete each track as fast as you can to earn coins and unlock new levels. The multi-player mode is where you will be able to compete against friends or even against other online players. The time trial mode is a great way to practice and hone your skills as you will have to complete the track without making any mistakes.

Power-Ups and Upgrades

The game also has various power-ups that you can use to help you get through the track faster. Among these are boost, drift and slow motion. You will also be able to upgrade your vehicle with coins, which you can earn by completing the tracks faster. These upgrades will help you improve your car's performance, allowing you to compete even better on the tracks.


The competition in Ado Cars Drifter is intense. You will have to compete against your friends or even strangers online in order to be the fastest and claim victory. There are leaderboards where you can track your progress, and you can also win coins and other rewards when you beat certain levels. This makes the game even more exciting as you strive to be the best drifter in the game.


Ado Cars Drifter is available on web, Android, and iOS.


Ado Cars Drifter is developed by Ado.

Release Date

The game was released on October 16th, 2019.

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What type of game is Ado Cars Drifter?

Ado Cars Drifter is a racing game where you have to compete against time, other players, and obstacles in order to reach the finish line in the fastest time.

What platforms does the game support?

Ado Cars Drifter is available on web, Android, and iOS.

Are there any other similar games?

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  • Real Drift
  • Traffic Racer
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