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Share Icon is an endless runner web game created by Brazilian-based indie developer, Smiling Nimbus Games. In the game, the player will assume the role of a surfer and have to dodge obstacles, jump over waves and perform tricks to avoid losing. The go


  • Endless surfing game
  • Multiple waves
  • Unique visuals and obstacles
  • Power-ups to help the player progress
  • Various levels

Game Controls

  • Press 'Space' to jump.
  • Press 'Shift' to Back Flip.
  • Press 'Left-Shift' to Front Flip.
  • Press 'Z' to Switch Stance.
  • Press 'X' to do a Kick-Flip.
  • Press 'C' to do an Air Trick.

How to Play

To play, the player's main objective is to balance themselves on the wave while avoiding obstacles and performing various tricks in order to reach the highest score possible.


As the player surfs on the wave, they will

Gameplay is an endless surfing game where the player takes the role of a surfer. The game objective is to stay on the wave for as long as possible avoiding obstacles and performing tricks in order to score highest possible. The game features multipl


  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

Developer was developed by the Brazilian-based indie game developer Smiling Nimbus Games. The company specializes in creating unique and challenging games for mobile and web platforms. Their other games include Clockwork Cubes, Runnity and Floppy Cav

Release Date was released in August 2019

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Q: What is the goal of

A: The goal of is to stay on the wave as long as possible while avoiding obstacles and performing tricks.

Q: How do I perform tricks?

  • Press 'X' to do a Kick Flip.
  • Pr

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